5 Tips for a Daily Bible Reading Plan

From Pastor Dave Johnson:

Foundational victories

Every disciple making community I start, begins with this premise. “The foundational victory, upon which all other victories are based, is daily time to read the word of God.” This is a discipline that I have built into my life that has been revolutionary. I challenge those new to the disciple making process to make their first victory one in which they read the word of God on a daily basis. Reading your Bible on a daily basis is a victory of discipline.

When I know a pastor well, I tell them that I want to know about their Bible reading schedule. Sadly, they usually cower in shame only to admit, it is not what it should be. I confess, up until a few years ago, I was a terrible Bible reader. I had every excuse in the book to not read the Bible on a daily basis. However, once I have disciplined myself to be a regular Bible reader, my previous excuses just seemed silly.

5 tips for a daily Bible reading plan

Plan it:
Know what your reading today and what you will read tomorrow. Whether it is just a chapter a day or an Old and New Testament reading, have a regular reading plan. At times I preach more than one time per week, so this has become an invaluable tool. I record my daily readings and reflections on the Evernote App so they are quickly searchable. I have found myself quoting obscure Biblical stories in the middle of sermons because they are things I had just read and fit so well. Have a plan God will use it!

Schedule it:
I have found it best to have a drop-dead time that reading has to be done by. I’m not legalistic about this but in the mornings when my kids wake up, all bets are off for reading (They are still in the ultra-needy stage). I try and have my reading and reflections done by the first 30minutes after getting into the office for the day.

Reflect on it:
It has happened more than one time that I have read a chapter in the Bible and thought, “what on earth did I just read?” It happens to everyone. I suggest a slower intentional reading of the scriptures with reflection. What I know is that God wants to speak to humanity and one of the best ways he does that is with his word.

Discuss it
God’s word was spoken before it was ever read. I once heard a Rabbi say that it should be a sin to read the Torah alone. There is something about talking about the scripture that lends to it becoming a reality in life. After all, I am convinced that words can become flesh.

Account for it
I have a small group of local pastors that I text my daily reading to. It is almost like the good old fashion chain letter, I text one person and they text another and so on. More than anything else, practicing the discipline of accountability makes me read the Bible on days when I’m just to tired or busy, and those are the days I need to hear God’s voice the most.

Effective disciple making begins with a solid daily reading of the scriptures. The scriptures will grow you, transform you and send you on mission with Jesus. I believe that once you have achieved a victory in reading the scripture then that lays the foundation for all other victories. Can you afford to put off developing a daily reading plan?

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Since 2003 Pastor Dave Johnson has served in the capacity as Youth Pastor, Pastor to Families and now as the Senior Pastor of Neighborhood Christian Fellowship in Covina, California.  Dave is passionate about making the Kingdom of God unavoidable in his own life and in the life of the church.  He loves teaching God’s word and leading in the local church. Dave is a frequent retreat and conference speaker and he enjoys speaking on spiritual formation and discipleship. He holds a BA in Political Science and a MA in Christian Education and is Ordained in the Wesleyan Church.  He and his wife Desiree have two beautiful daughters.  Whether it is going to the beach or the mountains, reading or going on a hike, Dave loves to spend time with his family and play with his kids.

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